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Most people have heard that women are 51% of the U.S. population and only 27% of employees in manufacturing, but there is so much more to this story than a few statistics.  To bring the story to life, Jacket Media Co., broadcasters of Manufacturing Talk Radio, created The WAM Podcast, where accomplished women interview accomplished women who can share their experiences and encourage women to look across the broad landscape of manufacturing, from the shop floor to the C-Suite, and the expanse of jobs and careers in between, to learn more about this exciting sector of the U.S. economy, and what it might hold for them.

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Recent Episodes

ASSP: Stewarding A Legacy Of Safety

This week on The WAM Podcast’s special series with ASSP (American Society of Safety Professionals), host, Jennifer McNelly, speaks with Wells Bullard, the 5th generation CEO of the family-owned safety equipment giant, Bullard. The company was founded in 1898 by Well’s great-great-grandfather as a supply company for copper and gold mines in California and Nevada. More…

How Not To Be A Bull In A China Shop

This week on The WAM Podcast, hosts, Andrea and Desiree give their imaginary 28-year-old selves some advice for maintaining great relationships and excelling in the workplace. Sometimes, especially as young people, we can get caught up in the wrong definition of what it means to be excelling at our job. More…

ASSP: Building Trust With Rosa Carrillo

This week on The WAM Podcast’s special series with ASSP (The American Society of Safety Professionals), we are very grateful to have Rosa Carrillo on the show, who has come to share some of the research she has published in her new book, The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership. Rosa’s book argues that business leaders should build strong, healthy relationship networks in their companies because it helps them build trust with coworkers. More…

Our Hosts

Andrea Olson
CEO of Pragmadik

Andrea Olson

Barbara A. Trautlein, PhD
Principal and Founder of
Change Catalysts

Barbara Trautlein

Desiree Grace
Director of Channel Accounts and Programs for Panduit Corporation

Desiree Grace

Jennifer McNelly
Chief Executive Officer of the American Society of Safety Professionals

Jennifer McNelly

Amy Nicklaus
Managing Partner of Nicklaus Marketing

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Linda Rigano
Principal Consultant of The Rigano Group

WAM Host Linda Rigano