Addressing Global Supply Chain Risk Through Software Solutions with Bindiya Vakil

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed just how interconnected, yet fragile the global supply chain truly is. One company, Resilinc, has been addressing risk in the global supply chain through a clear vision and innovative software, and its CEO Bindiya Vakil, joins us today. Having come from the world of sourcing and procurement in high-tech, Bindiya felt the industry was very reactive and always at the mercy of suppliers and events. In this episode, we learn more about what Resilinc is doing to increase visibility and understand supply chain interdependencies. We also learn about how they gather and leverage data and disseminate it to clients to inform decision-making in the face of sudden shifts, from factory fires to natural disasters. They hope to help companies become more resilient and not to design suppliers out, but instead enable businesses to be proactive, predictive, and have some control over the outcomes of events. Along with this, we also learn more about Resilinc’s natural language processing capabilities, the importance of data for lean manufacturing, and more. Be sure to tune in today!

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Meet Our Guest, Bindiya Vakil

Resilinc CEO Bindiya Vakil is credited with bringing supply chain risk management into the mainstream since founding Resilinc in 2010 and holds the patent for evaluating supply chain vulnerability and risk of an enterprise. She is a founding member of the Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council and a member of the Advisory Board of MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. She’s managed billions in supply chains for major Fortune 500 companies. As a supply chain expert, she’s appeared on nationally syndicated TV, radio and print media. 

About Resilinc:

Resilinc is the leading provider of supply chain data and risk analytics solutions and is headquartered in Silicon Valley with more than 150 employees. Over 100 of the world’s leading brands rely on Resilinc’s AI-powered global disruption monitoring service to keep track of millions of parts as they make their way around the globe. Resilinc maps the supply chain multiple tiers deep, all the way down to part, supplier and site levels, and exposes hidden failure points and bottlenecks deep in sub-tier suppliers. 

For more information, visit http://www.resilinc.com.

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Meet Your Host, Rosemary Coates

Ms. Coates is the Executive Director of the Reshoring Institute and the President of Blue Silk Consulting, a Global Supply Chain consulting firm. She is a best-selling author of: 42 Rules for Sourcing and Manufacturing in China and 42 Rules for Superior Field Service and The Reshoring Guidebook.

Ms. Coates lives in Silicon Valley and has worked with over 80 clients worldwide. She is also an Expert Witness for legal cases involving global supply chain matters.  She is passionate about Reshoring.