From Veterinary and Healthcare Industries to Helping Manufacturers Build New Sales Channels – A Conversation with BITCADET’s Lisa Clark

Hear Linda Rigano’s conversation with Lisa Clark, an empowering leader who shares her personal and professional journey.

Growing up Lisa’s parents instilled the value of hard work, perseverance and a generosity of spirit. These are all lessons Lisa practices daily as co-founder and Managing Director of BITCADET, a technology company that increases manufacturers’ sales and company valuations by creating innovative digital sales channels.

Lisa’s career started on a very different path. After getting a degree in Animal Science, she worked as a surgical technician and team leader for a veterinary rehab center. She later earned an MBA in Healthcare and worked at a hospital before taking on her true passion – helping manufacturers navigate the complexities of building an e-commerce channel and all the back-end processing and change management that goes into it.

Manufacturing lags a good 15 years behind other industries when it comes to doing business online. While buyers have been sourcing and vetting online for years, manufacturers haven’t been so quick to catch up.  Lisa shares why this is happening, and how these manufacturers need to have a plan B to build a stronger valuation of the business for investors – especially when the next generation of family opts out of taking over the company.

At BITCADET. Lisa leads strategic client initiatives and planning. This includes helping clients build e-commerce platforms and managing all the back-end coordination that connects sales, production, engineering, marketing and finance teams. Lisa specializes in change management to make sure that everyone in the company buys into changes and understands their role in the process.

Lisa also shares about her volunteer work with a local refugee community and the essential things she does every day to take care of herself.


Meet Our Guest, Lisa Clark

Lisa Clark is a trained scientist with an MBA - specializing in helping small-to-medium size businesses on every step of their digital journey. A born problem solver, Lisa takes pride in helping manufacturers leverage their valuable product information and build new digital revenue streams. Lisa and her team of technologists, digital sales experts, and industry analysts function as a fully outsourced digital growth department that delivers revenue growth on an accelerated schedule. She and her team do all the work so clients can focus on what they do best – building and shipping quality products. Lisa understands data like no other. Her background includes working with data analytics used in genetic testing; to creating data-driven hiring practices and lean onboarding processes for VersaTube, a do-it-yourself steel structure manufacturer. Lisa also recruited, trained and built the entire protocol for VersaTube’s remote customer experience and online sales teams. She started her career in the veterinary business where she helped a major pet therapy company digitize and streamline its entire operation. To this day, she takes pride in building customized wheelchairs for dogs. She is also a founding partner of Seedzi, a digital incubator where she coaches start-ups on how to grow their innovative ideas, craft a brand story, and build out a viable business/investor proposition. Lisa earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois and holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University.

Connect with Lisa on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lisanclark BITCADET: www.bitcadet.com Follow BITCADET at www.linkedin.com/company/bitcadet For more information connecting with Lisa for editorial contributions and speaking engagements, contact Linda Rigano at lindarigano@gmail.com or 914.815.0396.

WAM Host, Linda Rigano

Meet Your Host, Linda Rigano

Linda Rigano is the Principal Consultant of The Rigano Group. Her expertise and enthusiasm for strategic and effective communication permeate all that she does as a consultant to B2B and B2C technology, manufacturing, supply chain, and publishing organizations to improve business performance and stakeholder relationships by building highly successful and measurable communications programs.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Linda has excelled in helping organizations advance the discussion of important industry issues. She was central to the development and promotion of ThomasNet’s annual Industry Market Barometer® (IMB) survey on the state of manufacturing, the ThomasNet/ISM “30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars” Recognition Program, and ThomasNet’s North American Scholarship Program. Linda also served as Director of Strategic Alliances for ThomasNet, and for many years was the Publisher of the Thomas Food Industry Register.

Throughout her career, Linda has been an active participant and presenter for manufacturing, supply management, and business associations. She is widely quoted in business and trade media, including Bloomberg BusinessweekNightly Business Report, and Industry Today. Linda holds an MBA in marketing from Fordham University.

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