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April Butterfield is a thought leader living on the leading edge of technology. As Vice President of Technology for Jabil’s Engineered Solutions Group, April sees firsthand the impact of technology and how it is driving consumer expectations and manufacturing. In this episode of Women and Manufacturing, Jennifer McNelly Asks April to share her views on how the convergence of products and processes is changing the world we live in. April also provides insight into how JABIL is mobilizing the next generation of women leaders around the globe through the JABIL Joules. Her challenge to us all, be agile! Tune into Living on the Leading Edge of Technology to hear April Butterfield's journey.

April Butterfield
Guest April Butterfield

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April Butterfield is a technology thought leader who partners with the some of the world’s largest brands to foster growth and innovation. In her role as Vice President of Technology at Jabil, April is responsible for leading the design and technology organization within Engineered Solutions Group (ESG) where she works with internal business teams and external customers to create and develop unique solutions in more than 10 markets. With her ability to translate technology and capabilities into business strategies, April has helped guide Jabil’s business to success in Design and grow the organization to over 500 deeply dedicated and innovative engineers.

Drawing from her bachelor degree in mechanical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, April digests product concepts from customer product roadmaps, pushes those concepts into product lineups, and launches them into volume manufacturing. She establishes trust and maintains relationships at every level of an organization by expertly tailoring the presentation of technology in a way that can be understood by both a technical and non-technical audience.

April joined Jabil in 2005 and was tasked with creating a new organization which is known today as VAVE. She was instrumental in growing its capabilities and locations, and she helped define all processes and procedures, including a cost-saving systematic approach to design for manufacturing.

Prior to joining Jabil, April worked at Motorola developing both handheld and infrastructure products. She is proud to represent Jabil and the opportunity to encourage women in STEM.