Managing Your Credit Risk

This week on The WAM Podcast, host, Amy Nicklaus, is joined by Charity Forte, who is a leading client services manager for CreditRiskMonitor, which offers industry-leading financial risk analysis for credit, supply chain, and financial professionals. Charity and her team educate their clients on financial risk and show them how to use the service to mitigate the risk of vendors and suppliers as well as customers.

Credit risk is something that affects everyone, and prevention is always better than cure. Charity shares some details about the FRISK Score and the immense financial pitfalls it can point out and prevent, such as the imminent bankruptcy of a key vendor. She also speaks about her career history, as well as her family life and passion for rescue animals.

"You can't invest enough money into the credit assessment tools because there are so many different aspects of what you need to be looking out for." —Charity Forte

Charity Forte

Guest, Charity Forte

Ms. Charity Forte serves as a leading Client Services Manager for CreditRiskMonitor. Ms. Forte joined the organization in 2012 and in her current role, she oversees a team of 17 account managers who are tasked daily with assessing the welfare of CreditRiskMonitor’s existing subscriber base, one-third of which are procurement-specific clientele. Prior to her foray into financial services, Ms. Forte was a player in telecom and customer support.

A mother of an 18-year-old son, the New York-based Forte is also active in animal rescue efforts outside of her time in the office and aspires to one day own and operate a farm for abused or abandoned animals.

To learn more, visit www.creditriskmonitor.com or contact Charity directly at charity.forte@creditriskmonitor.com and connect with her on LinkedIn.


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