Sales Negotiation and Consulting with Carrie Welles

In the world of negotiators, people either seem to think they are really good at it or that they stink, but there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. Some people stick to instinct and luck when it comes to business negotiations, but our guest today works with well thought-out strategies, important concepts, and an organized blueprint. Carrie Welles is a Partner at Think! Inc., a negotiation training and consulting firm. Her role includes consulting with clients on implementing value creation and value capture ecosystems, business development, developing sales strategy, and onboarding new consultants. Negotiation skills are very important for people in everyday life but especially critical for managers and executives. We have lots of ground to cover on today’s episode and look forward to exploring the life of this woman in manufacturing. Stay tuned as we dive into an insightful conversation about negotiation training aspects, concepts to focus on, and some important tips for mastering business negotiations!

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Meet Our Guest, Carrie Welles

Carrie has been a Partner at Think! Inc. since 2001. Her role includes consulting clients on implementing negotiation strategy & process.

Prior, Carrie held a long career at Marriott International as a Strategic Account Manager & helped implement Marriott’s first Strategic Account Management model.

She is a practitioner first, consultant second, meaning that everything she teaches she has implemented.

Carrie is a member of Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) since 1996 and held a 10-year position on SAMA’s Board of Directors.

She is a graduate of the Executive Development Program at the Aspen Institute/University of Maryland and holds a B.A. from the University of Colorado. Carrie resides in Lake Bluff, IL with her husband, John.

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Meet Your Host, Rosemary Coates 

Ms. Coates is the Executive Director of the Reshoring Institute and the President of Blue Silk Consulting, a Global Supply Chain consulting firm. She is a best-selling author of: 42 Rules for Sourcing and Manufacturing in China and 42 Rules for Superior Field Service and The Reshoring Guidebook. 

Ms. Coates lives in Silicon Valley and has worked with over 80 clients worldwide. She is also an Expert Witness for legal cases involving global supply chain matters.  She is passionate about Reshoring.