Smart Glasses, Accessories, and Robotics with Johanna Bellenberg

Robotics and automation makes you think speed, efficiency, and higher productivity. However, there is a key component that is often lacking. Take the example of a grocery story cashier being replaced by a robot — teaching the robot how to pick up a banana without squishing seems to be a futile task, but the robot lacks human intelligence and natural ability to be flexible and adjust to the new requirements. Today we welcome to the show Johanna Bellenberg, joining us all the way from Germany. Johanna is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Picavi, an award-winning service provider with 100 percent dedication of its intra-logistics and wearable expertise to Pick-by-Vision solutions. Picavi’s data glasses provide their customers with the efficient and error-free flow of goods through their logistics warehouses. By wearing smart glasses, a strict visual guidance through the complete picking process enables workers to maximize their productivity and minimize errors while working hands-free. Picavi is already being used by numerous logistics experts from a variety of sectors. In today’s episode we talk about all things related to their Picky-by-Vision products and solutions, accessories, functionality, ideal customers, and much more, so stay tuned as we dive into this amazing product!


Meet Our Guest, Johanna Bellenberg

I joined Picavi in 2016 during my last semester of college. Picavi is an award-winning and well-recognized full-
service provider with a 100 percent dedication of its intralogistics and wearable expertise to Pick-by-Vision
solutions. Working hard on Picavi’s visibility I soon became Brand Manager. Today I am Director Marketing &
Communications and make sure that everybody sees and experiences the potential of smart glasses and Assisted


Meet Your Host, Frances Brunelle

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