The Impact of the Digital Transformation on Manufacturing

There’s a lot of talk about how technology is changing the manufacturing landscape. But which changes are critical to address, and what technologies are essential as a foundation for long-term growth? Cris Young, Executive Vice President at Hudson Fasteners, chats with host Andrea Olson, discussing her “ah-ha” moment with technology, and her perspectives on the three must-do strategies that manufacturers need to adopt to so they can grow in today’s technology-driven environment.

Cris Young
Guest Cris Young

Today's Guest

Cris A. Young is the Executive Vice President of Hudson Fasteners, Inc. Cris joined Hudson Fasteners in 1996, bringing with her years of expertise in industrial sales, as well as logistics, and management experience. She has over 20 years of experience in government procurement and finance management, in corporate and small business environments.

Cris is also actively involved as a small business advocate. She is a founding member of the US Women’s Chamber of Commerce™, and President of the American Small Business Chamber of Commerce™, a national trade association for small businesses active in government procurement markets.

Cris has previously served as President of Women In the Fastener Industry and Co-Chair of Women In Manufacturing, Ohio Chapter. Most recently Cris has been acknowledged as co-inventor of the patented Product Genius Technology.