You Have To Work Doubly Hard In A Family-Owned And Operated Business

Linda Rigano
Host, Linda Rigano

WAM is delighted to introduce you to Meghan West, president of CNC Software. Meghan is a terrific role model to other women (and men) in manufacturing. She was named president of CNC Software in April 2015, 32 years to the date when her father, Mark Summers, started the company.  Meghan is no stranger to manufacturing, and shares how she’s had to work doubly hard to prove herself in a family owned and operated business.

Meghan West
Guest Meghan West

Our Guest

President of CNC Software, with a passion in promoting education about the manufacturing sector and skills gap, Meghan earned her BS in Business from Bentley College and an MBA in Management from Hawaii Pacific University. Meghan gained valuable job experience outside of manufacturing before officially joining CNC Software in 2009 as operations manager. She was named president in April 2015. In 2014, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers named Meghan one of the “30 Under 30 Future Leaders of Manufacturing”.  She resides in Vernon, CT with her husband and two children.



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